We're glad you are here for this tour of the Napa Valley through the lens of history!

Our roots, our histories, run deep. They're sometimes hard to see, but are far from dead and gone. Our roots anchor us. Nourish us. Frame our lives.

Not just in some long-forgotten past, but right here and now--and far beyond, into whatever future we are imagining and shaping for ourselves and our communities.

The Napa Valley Roots team of Diane Dillon and Shannon Murray Kuleto (read more on "About Us") are excited to share our love of history and skills as researchers and storytellers here!

1968: Napa County's Groundbreaking "Ag Preserve"

Today's Spotlight Story: When the Ag Preserve was Breaking News

WOW! Ready to time travel over half a century back to 1968 Napa Valley? Complete with aerial views!? This amazing 4-minute TV newscast aired on the day--April 9, 1968--that the AG PRESERVE was adopted by our County Board of Supervisors. There's video AND we made a full transcript!  Learn More


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