Why choose Napa Valley Roots?

Napa Valley Roots collaborates closely with our clients to discover and celebrate their histories. We bring years of training, multidisciplinary experience, and a keen insight into historical context to each unique project.

Whether you’re approaching a company or birthday milestone, seeking compelling, inspirational, and accurate content for public engagement, or framing your life's legacy for family and future, you have such a rich and authentic story to tell. Napa Valley Roots is the right partner to help you tell it. 

Our services will enable you to preserve and share your story for years to come. 

Researching History

We are dogged researchers for our clients. We research property histories, corporate histories, topical histories, personal biographies, and family ancestry (including developing personalized trip itineraries).

Telling Your Story

Our histories needn't be lost in dark and dusty archives. We create stories that live and inspire! We curate, frame, write, and illustrate a wide range of content, both digital and print.

Sharing Your Legacy

Overwhelmed at the prospect of bringing order out of the chaos of your lifelong accumulation of photos and keepsakes? We can help you organize and decide what to discard or donate and -- importantly -- how best to save and share your story and legacy.

Additional Historical Services

  • Oral History interviews
  • Genealogical and biographical research
  • Family, corporate, or property history documentation at various levels--from brief report to fully designed and printed biography/albums with photos, timelines, and narratives that bring your past to life
  • Genealogy tutorials for beginners to succeed DIY
  • Interpretive planning and advice
  • Content review and copyediting of your existing content
  • Speaking engagements--Customized (and fun!) history presentations for your school or organization

The Importance of Heritage Tourism

Contrary to common wisdom, history means business! Napa Valley Roots is committed to increasing understanding among Napa Valley industry leaders, policy-makers, and nonprofits of the tremendous benefits heritage tourism brings to our community.

We are helping to build an active Heritage Tourism Network to strengthen and communicate the economic and community benefits of supporting heritage tourism. Drop us a line if you want to learn more!

Beyond our internationally celebrated food, wines, and hospitality, there's a deep and rich heritage to explore in Napa Valley: We have our landmark Ag Preserve, our history-filled small towns, a vibrant arts and music scene, and tremendous open spaces, parks, and trails, to name but a few.

It all combines with our stop-and-smell-the-roses rural sensibility to make Napa Valley a rare and exceptional destination for visitors who appreciate the authenticity of the stories and people of the past and present.